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The Break Up (2006)
Jennifer Aniston went into petty mode alongside Vince Vaughn in this classic break up film. The audience was left in stitches watching Claire and Gary try to navigate the end of their relationship while living under the same roof. The film is one of the highest grossing romantic comedies in history, falling just behind 50 First Dates and Something's Gotta Give.
Just Go With It (2011)
Jennifer Aniston shared screen time with blockbuster king, Adam Sandler, in this entertaining romantic comedy about a blundering lie that goes way too far. The chemistry between the two stars lead to a $103 million box office win, which puts it among the Top 10 grossing films in Aniston’s career.
Along Came Polly (2004)
We've never seen Jennifer Aniston let her hair down and be as carefree as she was in this hilariously awkward rom com. After Reuben Feffer (Ben Stiller) gets cheated on during his honeymoon, he takes a chance on the free-spirited Polly Prince (Aniston). It's a perfect tale of opposites attracting that worked very well to Aniston's benefit. Along Came Polly sits within Jennifer's Top 10 grossing films.
He's Just Not That Into You (2009)
Jennifer Aniston blended seamlessly with this "who's who of rom com" all star cast. Her character, Beth, is in a 7-year relationship with Neil (Ben Affleck) who is a marriage cynic. The movie is essentially a melting pot of every woman's worst nightmare - cheating spouses, commitment issues and former flings that can't take the hint.
The Switch (2010)
Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman's compatibility is something we just can't get enough of (as seen in their hysterical collaboration Horrible Bosses). Here, Kassie (Aniston) decides to get artificially inseminated then finds out, seven years later, that her neurotic friend (Bateman) may be a dad.
Rumor Has It (2005)
Sarah (Jennifer Aniston)'s search for her real dad turns up more hook ups and shocking secrets than we expecting - including that her grandmother may be the inspiration behind the infamous song "Ms. Robinson."
Picture Perfect (1997)
This 1997 film stars Jennifer Aniston in her first lead movie performance. While the movie received mixed reviews and moderate box office earnings, Aniston's performance was applauded. Her character, Kate, gets tangled in a complicated web of lies when she catches feelings for the man she hired to pose as her fiancée. The chemistry between Jen and her co-star (Jay Mohr) that really gives this movie it's spark.
Monster-in-Law (2005)
Jennifer Lopez and Jane Fonda get it right in this hilarious pre-wedding battle royale. Jen plays Charlie, who is newly engaged to the man of her dream, but his crazy ass mom is a nightmare. Watching J. Lo finally get the nerve to fight back (like when she spikes Fonda's tea with sleeping pills) is just one of the many displays of their brilliant on-screen chemistry.
The Object Of My Affection (1998)
What happens when Jennifer Aniston's character, Nina, falls in love with her gay roommate shortly before learning she is pregnant by her ex? More drama than you ever thought could be squeezed into a 112-minute flick.
The Wedding Planner (2001)
Mary Fiore (Jennifer Lopez) is blindsided after discovering the guy she's fallen for is already engaged, and worse off, she has been hired by the bride-to-be to plan the wedding. J. Lo and Matthew McConaughey come off as an unlikely pair, but the juicy plot helped the film open at No. 1 and gross over $60 million at U.S. box office in it’s first week.
Maid In Manhattan (2002)
Jennifer Lopez plays a single mom and maid (duh) living in NYC who falls for a wealthy politician. There's just one catch - he doesn't know she's a maid. The nostalgic "Cinderella" theme is one that ropes audiences in every time, as proven by the whopping $150 million the movie raked in worldwide. J. Lo was lovable and believable in this classic romantic comedy.
The Back Up Plan (2010)
After the dating game gets too tough for Zoe (Jennifer Lopez), she decides to skip the romance and go at motherhood alone. Of course, she meets the man of her dreams the day she gets pregnant. Despite the $77 million it raked in at the box office, critics gave the movie a hard time for its watered-down plot, but we'd still Netflix and Chill with it.
What To Expect When You're Expecting (2002)
Jennifer Lopez's contribution to this all-star film as Holly, a photographer looking to adopt after failing to conceive naturally. Though the multiple storylines in the film failed to connect, critics praised Lopez as one of the few stars who "manage to find the humanity in their clichéd roles."
Shall We Dance (2004)
Jennifer Lopez is spicy and seductive as a ballroom dance instructor who adds a little excitement to a dull business executive's life. Any movie where we get to see J. Lo flex her dancing skills is a win - mainly because its just so refreshing to see her add a bit of herself into a role.
Jersey Girl (2004)
Jennifer Lopez is endearing in this flick as Getrude, the pregnant wife of music publicist Ollie Trink (Ben Affleck). Bennifer had a lot to prove after Gigli fell flat, but luckily they were able to bounce back to some degree. Critics weren't feeling the onslaught of cliches in the film, but director Kevin Smith said the movie "wasn't for critics." Bloop!
Gigli (2003)
Let's face it - Gigli wasn't exactly a commercial success. It's widely considered as one of the worst movies of all time. Bennifer was Hollywood's "It" couple at the time, but their chemistry fell flat on screen.

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